Selecta Spielzeug


      Selecta Spielzeug has over 50 years history in wooden toy industry in Germany. Becuase of its insistance of manufacturing throughly only in Germany, it owns a large market of high-ranking wooden toys specially designed for children.

     Selecta Spielzeug was established by Tilmann Förtsch and Günther Menzel in 1968. From the first day of its establishment, the company has been providing the best quality puzzle toys for children. Nowadays, the company still locates in Landkreis Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany. Only the natural wood material and environmentally qualified painting EN71 used in all Selecta toys to guarantee every toy is without chemical and pollution. They are further painted with edible colorful painting and wax with honey wax to protect the toys. Even when babies put Selecta toys in their mouthes, they are absolutely not harmful. Most Selecta toys are produced in their own factory to ensure every manufacturing step is safe strictly supervised.

      All toys of Selecta are natural and long-term playable. For many years, Selecta has been using PEFC and FSC qualified wood material from Bavaria region where trees are planted for replacement. Because Selecta believes that only sustainable development brings a better future. Painting without poison and chemical not only provides a very safe quality, but also very beautiful looks. Except for the extreme strict safty supervision, toys are examined by education experts to see whether the products inspire and are suitable for children.

     The professional design, guarantee to safety, beautiful looks- Selecta Spielzeug is the best chose for your children’s the most safe, healthy and interesting childhood.