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Are you looking for a typical souvenir from Berlin that reminds you of your stay in our capital? In our store you can find a large variety of different souvenirs.

The bear, the heraldic animal of Berlin, is omnipresent in our city. In our store you can find a large variety of souvenirs related to the bear. You can find hand-painted bears out of porcelain or synthetic resin, handmade bears out of plush or miniatures out of pewter.

The Berlin wall has been a visible symbol of the division of Germany and of Europe in East and West for many years. Today this relic from the cold war has been split into uncountable parts and has become a unique souvenir. There are many products made of pieces of the wall: magnets, small parts of the wall encased in acrylic, or even small glass bottles filled with tiny pieces of the wall or postcards and bookmarks with small parts of the wall.