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Herrenberg is the name of the town where our company has its headquarters. This is where it all started, when Erna Schmidt, the owner of the Fridolin company as it is today, was recovering in hospital. Looking for something to keep her occupied while lying in her hospital bed, she hit on the idea of making cuddly toys. When she left the hospital the idea for the first toys from Fridolin was already firmly established. That was in 1984.

The stuffed toy animals were originally brought to the Christmas markets for which Germany is so famous. They were an immediate hit, and many were the children delighted to find these beautiful hand-crafted toys under their Christmas trees. When the time came to get things ready for the 1986 Christmas markets, they decided instead to open a proper shop.

More and more products, hand-crafted cuddly toys were introduced that were bought by men and women of all ages. Now, the company that started life as a family business employs a staff of more than 30, and the 700-plus articles in their range sell on other continents as well. Fridolin has been successful in carrying some small amount of joy out into the world, and bringing a touch of gladness to the eyes of children, young people and adults.