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Naef, the famous family brand was founded by Kurt Naef in 1954 in Basle, Switzerland. The core concepts of Naef are to create products of “beautiful shape and colour“, “clever structuring“, “high quality materials“ and “excellent craftsmenship“. The promise of quality allows children to explore the world in their own ways, giving children the opportunity to experience and discover new concepts. Naef considered that early childhood experiences of playing is the most important factor in a child’s upbringing and wellbeing, therefore Naef always maintains the highest quality in its products. The manufacturing process insists on pure hand-made sculpture. All toys are considered as toy art-crafts, combining classic shapes, colour, intellectual structures, well-chose materials and excellent craft skills. Over half of the high quality toys are exported to Germany, Japan, France, and the U.S. All the commodities use environmentally friendly wood material, and the colouring of Naef products only uses premium quality paint. Each toy is carefully examined throughout the entire production process to ensure high quality finishing.