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«The way Berlin ticks» reads the slogan ASKANIA AG, a Berlin-based manufacturer of premium watches whose tradition dates back to 1871. That year, an inventor named Carl Bamberg, a clockmaker’s son and the protégé of Carl Zeiss, started his own business, establishing ASKANIA at the head of the field in no time at all. The company became renowned particularly for producing state-of-the-art precision instruments for naval force, observatories, research and expeditions.

ASKANIA was reborn as a brand in 2004. Its relaunch was masterminded by Leonhard R. Müller, the present CEO of ASKANIA AG, the idea being to revive the tradition of ASKANIA instrument technology in the form of a watch manufacturing plant in Berlin. The idea came true, and high-end watches have been manufactured in Berlin again since 2006. In fact as the only manufacturer of mechanical premium watches in the German capital, ASKANIA AG has become one of the country’s leading watch brands.

With its clear-cut strategy and the deployment of innovative technologies, the company has performed amazingly well. For rather than simply coming back to life, ASKANIA has employed charm, originality, high quality and sensibility to position itself as a traditional Berlin Brand. Indeed, the watches have much in common with their hometown, being traditional and yet modern, young and unique, international and innovative. Even the names of the watch models — such as «Alexanderplatz»,»Quadriga» or «Tempelhof» — symbolize the brand kinship with Berlin.