Feiler has been the top leader of boutique textile in the world. Its beautiful patterns, non-hardening, and colours that do not fade have been the reasons to be popular among high-class customer groups.

The ultimate Chenille textile technology
The founder, Ernst Feiler, completed his study at the Munich Academy of Higher Professional Textile and then worked at a fabric factory in Sudentenland. In 1928, he founded a textile factory in Liebenstein in Czech Republic nowadays with 15 employees and manufactured chenille towels and fabrics. After World War II, almost all the German local people was expelled, therefore 46 year old Ernst had to leave and restarted his business again.
In 1948, already 50 year old Ernst convened 18 experienced textile workers to form a new plant in Bavaria. After Ernst’s daughter Else Schwedt and her husband Erhard Schwedt entered the company, the business lauched up. In 1970, Ernst left the company due to his health reasons. In the same year, Feiler conducted the first trade negotiations with Kazuko Yamakawa and Aaron Yamakawa, the largest trading partner today. After then Else Schwedt’s son, Dieter Schwedt entered the company after completed his study in Munich Applied Technology University. Due to the expanding market in Japan and demands of high-class textiles, the company grew once again. And in 2007, Feiler opened up new markets in Russia.
Through different times, Feiler’s philosophy has always been producing the best chenille textiles to convey a better faith of life to the customers. From the beginning of the company founder, Feiler adhere the most professional German textile technology and high standard chenille with improvement and evolution. Their exquisite fine pattern is always full of love for life and positive attitude. Feiler not only produces household goods but also worthy collection of art.

Unique chenille technology, manufacturing only in Germany

Chenille weave method is mainly rubbing spin type of weaving method. Germany is originally the most authoritative country of rubbing spin weave technique. For instance, chenille carpets made in China requires the imported dye cotton chenille from Germany. Because German chenille textiles rank 4 stars or more of its colour fastness and without ammonia and other harmful chemicals. Feiler’s rubbing spin weave is even more compacted. The weave cotton was cut and weave repeatedly and then knead in high-speed spin. Finally the weave textile which became very soft and absorbent can be seen by naked eye to distinguish the globular texture.

As previously mentioned, Feiler’s products are very popular among Japanese who demand a high quality of life. From the most popular scarf, hand bag, bag and towels, towels, pillow cases – each of them is loved by Japanese customer. Each year when Feiler lauches a new design, Japanese family even hang a framed Feiler towel. The reasons are due to its simple and elegant design and also its commitment to at least 10 years without being harden.

Feiler have insisted every single step of manufacture is carried out inside Germany (a true made in Germany) and its highest representation of German fine textile.