Robin Ruth

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Robin Ruth

Robin Ruth an International casual lifestyle brand for the free-spirited traveler. It has become one of the leading suppliers of memorable fashion worldwide, and is now represented in every major city in the world.

Robin Ruth is the name that the founder, Boaz Avrahami, gave to his first daughter. He aspired for her to travel the world and embrace adventure with boundless curiosity. In 2002, Boaz created the Robin Ruth brand which has captured his daughter’s spirit, while inspiring others to explore.

Robin Ruth started as a bond between father and daughter, and is now the largest supplier of mementos to travelers around the world. The thirst for travel and culture is turned into products that celebrate each journey.

The company represents over 50 countries and has a collection that includes items from bags, umbrellas, all the way to summer hats and flip-flops. In addition they do many collaboration, from Barcelona FC to American College Football and Disney Europe.

As part of global community, Robin Ruth upholds the highest levels of standards for production and quality control and they provide „Quality Fashion Guaranteed“. Their factories in China comply with the Fair Labor Association.