Habermaaß Inc. has been a prestigious family enterprise since 1938. Established in the Bavaria region by Eugen Habermaaß, the Habermaaß family concept has always been providing the best toys to children based on simple yet efficient manufacturing and marketing. After Eugen Habermaaß’s death in 1955, Luise Habermaaß, his wife, took over the company and leading it to success during the 1950s. Her 24 year old son, Klaus Habermaaß, graduating from Die staatliche Ingenieurschule Rosenheim, joined the enterprise in 1961, leading the technology and finance departments, whereby the company and sales performance continued to steadily grow.

Habermaaß Inc. owns not only productions chain but also its own logistics chain to ensure every manufacturing process is reliable and conducted in Germany. Habermaaß Inc. is qualified with ISO9001, and all materials are sourced from Germany and from strictly selected providers to ensure that its products are 100% safe. The company has achieved a spectrum of qualifications, such as ISO 1400, EMAS and EN71, ensuring that its products are environmentally sustainable while meeting Europe’s rigid toy safety standards.

Habermaaß Inc. cooperates with parents and experts of children´s education to develop toys from the children’s perspective. Each toy is designed with multi-sensational and exploration principles through encouraging the processes of watching, listening, touching and imagining.