Fissler is one of the world’s most famous kitchenware manufacturers. The elegant designs and high quality craftsmenship of Fissler products earned it its prestigious reputation worldwide. In 1845, founder Carl Philip Fissler established his company in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. The initial business of the company was the manufacturing and installation of technical pipes. In 1892 Fissler successfully invented the cooking mobile, and from thereon he focused on the manufacture of kitchenware. In 1953, Fissler invented the first transformer type pressure cooker. Since the well-known invention, all sorts of cookers, steam cookers, pressure cookers, knifeware, and other types of kitchenware were introduced, and since then, Fissler kitchenware has become the industry leader of kitchenware. Over one hundred prizes and two hundred patents were awarded to Fissler products for their excellent design and high quality materials and craftsmenship, a result of Fissler producing 90% of its products in Germany. Fissler is qualified with ISO9001 automatic manufacture line of consistent examinations and improvements of by the safety engineers. For instance, all Fissler cookers require 63 processes to grind and polish. If any flaws are found, the manufacturing line will be stopped immediately. Due to Fissler’s extremely rigid supervision, the manufacturer provides 10 to 15 years of guarantee to all its products. Fissler’s high quality and innovative attitude have been satisfying customers for years, proof of Fissler’s reputation and also its guarantee of quality.