Käthe Kruse

The best holding doll must be soft, warm and weigh a little.
Käthe Kruse dolls are more welcome than Barbie in Germany. For many well-educated families, it is a responsibility to choose a doll with loving and intellectual characteristics to establish a well-being model for their children. Käthe Kruse dolls are designed to accompany children healthily and happily in different ages.

For a century, Käthe Kruse dolls are handmade with German traditional details, therefore any Käthe Kruse doll collections are also very valuable. The detailed handmade cloth cutting is as well as very emphasized. Whenever each new collection lauches, it becomes the new trend of children´s clothes. Käthe Kruse dolls have been popular among many well-known families in the U.S.A., France, Switzerland, Japan, etc. Daughter of the previous U.S. President Kennedy, daughter of the Governor of California – Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger and the famous actress Demi Moore are all fans of Käthe Kruse.