Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

– The only authentic Swiss Army Knife

The Victorinox Swiss Army Knife is popular amongst multi-purpose knife users around the world for its durability and vibrant sleek lines. Whether for outdoor or urban, a Swiss Army knife always meets the needs of its users.

Victorinox saber

In 1884, the Swiss-born Karl Elsener opened his own tool factory in the Swiss town of Ibach for the production of Swiss Army knives, the first Swiss Army Knife production line. During the early 1890s, the wooden handled first generation of the Swiss Army knife still only had a screwdriver and a can opener. In 1897, Karl Eisener invented a new high-strength spring, and the Swiss Army knife began to combine more tools within its compact frame. Since then, Swiss Army knives replaced German-made knives and started the local production of the multi-functional Switzerland saber.

In 1909, in order to differentiate itself from the many imitations, Karl Elsener designed and used a cross mark inside a shield shape, and to commemorate his mother’s name “Victoria” as a trademark name in her honour. In 1921, after the advent of stainless steel, Karl Elsener added the French word “stainless steel” (Inox) into the brand name and formally established Victorinox, the name we are familiar with today.

The only authentic Swiss Army Knife

In addition to Vickers, there was another Swiss saber brand named Wenger. In 2005 the company was merged by Victorinox, and Victorinox Swiss Army Knives became the only supplier. Although there are countless multipurpose utility knives, only the products of Victorinox and Weger are considered to be the authentic Swiss Army knives.