High-quality and well-designed

In our store you can find a wide range of elegant ceramic products, with DUNOON being the most delicate of all.

DUNOON is a famous British brand with nearly 40 years of history, specializing in the production of high-quality fine bone china cups. Bone china porcelain is made by mixing animal bone and clay. The addition of animal bone makes porcelain light, fine and hard as well as a milky white transparency, a technique invented by the British in 1794. DUNOON products are all made of clay from St Austell, Cornwall, England, and DUNOON products are made up of more than 50% bone content. High bone content makes the products vulnerable to cracking during the firing process. Larger bone china cups are even more vulnerable to cracking, resulting in exponentially priced bona china products. It is widely accepted that the world’s best bone china products are from England, which is also one of the British royal family’s favourite products.

Today, DUNOON employs more than 30 skilled designers, some of which have designed for DUNOON for over 25 years, and more than 100 leading freelance designers and artists. The technology, creative design, innovative colours, and perfect detailing has been continuously improved upon over the years, and depending on the height, handles, cup, and mug curvature, exhibit a variety of rich British designs. The bottom of the cup is also marked with each designer’s name, one of the characteristics of DUNOON. Due to its famed English quality, bone china by DUNOON has become popular amongst people all over the world.