LAMY was established in 1930 in Heidelberg by C. Josef Lamy.
After 1952 it really came to the fore. Its beautiful LAMY 27 fountain pen was equipped with Tinotmatik system the first time in the world. In 1966 Gerd A. Müller launched the refreshing classic piece of LAMY 2000 series. The Bauhaus industrial design concept is fully developed in LAMY’s design. Every detail is classic, practical but without unnecessary decoration.

LAMY TWIN was made in 1984. This pen fuctions in two ways – mechanical pencil and pen. LAMY TWIN is the first two-way functional pen that allows to note and sketch. This multi-functional system became LAMY’s professional characteristics. Nowadays many high-ranking professions are fond of LAMY’s three colour pens and one mechanical pencils.
LAMY can be seen worldwide, such as in stock exchange in New York, conferences in Tokyo or speech hall in universities. Every single LAMY is delicately made in Heidelberg, Germany. This town with the oldest university in Germany, famous castle, old town and Neckar River. From here only a few minute driving, you reach the base where all types of LAMY pens are designed, developed and manufactured.
Based on the traditions of pen manufacturing despite of globalization, LAMY family employs over 400 employees and devotes as well as culture preservation.